The R.M.K. Engineering College emphasizes to the students the importance of excelling in final year projects where students apply the knowledge gained over the under graduate program and develop and complete an engineering project as a team. This not only provides a good insight into the knowledge gained but also develops soft skills of the students and prepares them well for job in the industry or higher studies.

Background :

R.M.K. Engineering College and IIT Madras jointly organized a one day workshop at IIT Madras in August 28, 2010 on the issues of improving the quality of Engineering Students Projects. There was an enthusiastic participation by academicians, industry professionals and students.

The problem :

Every year, nearly 120,000 of under-graduate students of engineering graduate from the various Anna Universities in the State. Assuming that four such students constitute a batch for completing their final semester UG project as per the curricula, about 30,000 projects are undertaken annually. On an average,11 million man-hours are spent on this. The effort spent can be utilized in a much better manner to develop projects of better quality and also provide opportunities to students to acquire more technical, project management, teamwork and soft skills This problem, applicable to all engineering colleges in India, is a national issue deserving special attention by all stakeholders.

Expectations from the industry :

The experts from industry who employ the graduating engineers expect them to have the ability to apply science and technology, to synthesize all the theoretical knowledge gained, especially multi disciplinary knowledge and create a useful product. With the initial learning time of engineers joining industry increasing, the project work should be made effective to shorten the initial learning time of engineers joining the industry.

Based on the deliberations of the experts in the workshop, the RMK Engineering College has started the PROJECT EXCELLENCE initiative

Project Excellence : Steps taken in the RMK Engineering College :

Subsequent to the session, the RMK Engineering College has taken steps to improve the quality of student projects by

Encouraging and facilitating more in-house projects to be done by students in the campus facilities under the guidance of faculty members
Encouraging and facilitating students to do projects for specific organizations (eg MSSRF, NIC) leading to the use of completed projects to be used by the organizations for a larger social cause
Installing the completed projects in the RMK Engineering College Labs for possible further work by next set of students and demonstration to visitors
Encouraging and facilitating the students to publish papers in national and international conferences on the projects completed
Awarding the ‘best student project’ to one student in each branch in the subsequent Alumni Meet

Some of the excellent projects done by students in 2010 – 11

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Detection and Classification of Retinal Diseases by N. Archana, N. Deepthi and Priyadarshini
Comparison of bone mineral densitites obtained from X Ray and Dexa Images by S. Saranya M.B. Supraja and K.Pournam
Design and implementation of Sub threashold filetrs in 0.35 Micron Technology by Jagadeeswari, Janani Sri and L. Divya
Implementation of reconfigurable processor for transceiver by Anapagamini, M. Indumathy and J. Lakshmikumari J

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Temporal rule mining from clinical databases using neural networks by B. Janani and N. Dhivya
Knowledge discovery in clinical data using fuzzy logic rule based classifier by K. Jeevitha and R.Arthy
Macro PDF417 2D Barcode Encoder and Decoder by M. Pavithra, M.V.Neema and R. Sangeetha
Healthcare service using WSN Integrated Cloud Computing by S. Githanjali, G. Lakshmi Priya and T.C. Govardhani
A dynamic 3 layer CAPTCHA implementation by B. Thilak Raj, S. Sri Ganesh, H. Gautham

Department of Computer Applications

Website for Village Resource Center for MSSRF by S. Pradeep, U.Parthiban, S.R. Sreedhar, V.K.Rakesh, and R. Senthilnathan
Website for MSSRF User Registration by S.Roopa, J. Jose Shamini, A. Sabari Easwari and N. Naziya Banu
Website for MSSRF Partners of Grameen Gyan Abhiyan by L. Uma Maheswari, S. Dhanalakshmi, V. Revathi, P. Karthiai Lakshmi, P.Kavitha and S.P. Jothi Lakshmi
Website for MSSRF National Virtual Academy (NVA) for Rural Prosperity Profile data by V. Aswin, S. Karthikeyan, M. Arikumar, P. Arjun Shanmuga Kumar and J.M.N. Abdul Kadar Zubair Ahamed
Website for MSSRF National Virtual Academy (NVA) for Rural Prosperity Nominator data by M. Ganesh, R. Manikandan, G.R.Madhan, P. Manigandan and V.C. Jeganraj