Cources Offered :


M.S. / Ph.D.

Centralized Computer Centre with a built up area of 950 sq. mts., and more than 1440 Systems with internet facility of 82 Mbps used by all the departments of the college. The department offers excellent training in computer programming using both proprietary & open source software and has excellent lab facilities for multimedia, internet and web designing.

Sophisticated and latest software have been purchased to enable the faculty as well as students to pursue their research / project works. Separate department library to cater to the specific needs of the CSE students with 468 volumes, 12 national and subscription of all AICTE mandatory international e-journals and in addition, 3TB of data of NPTEL course materials and various eLearning materials like CBTs, CDs etc.

Headed by an experienced Professor and supported by 27 dedicated faculty members, a Professor Emeritus, a Visiting Professor and 4 Ph.Ds. All the faculty members are Post Graduate and above and 16 faculty members are pursuing Ph.D.

Most of the faculty members are members of professional bodies like ISTE, CSI and IACSIT. Apart from these, some of the Professors are the members of Institution of Engineers (IE) as Fellows (FIE), and as members of SPIN, PMI, ACM, IEEE, IAENG etc. and are actively participating in the activities of those professional bodies.