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Academic Year 2012-2013

Name Title Journal Year
ChitraPasupathi Efficient Query Sensitive Summarization using Frequent Term Sets Based Document Segments European Journal of Scientific Research 2018
Dr. Mohamed Junaid K.A. Image retrieval using krawtchouk Moments Archive of sciences Journal, Switzerland, Geneva 2013
Dr. Blesslin Sheeba.T Improved video steganography using inter pixel value coding International Journal of Research in Engineering & Advanced technology 2013
Dr.T.Suresh MEMS Gyroscope Based Motion Sickness Estimation System using Car Travelling in 3D Space IJREAT International Journal of Research in Engineering & Advanced Technology, Volume 1, Issue 1, March, 2013 ISSN: 2320 8791 2013
Dr Uma Maheswari M G Analysis and design of reduced order linear quadratic regulator control for three phase power factor correction using Cuk Rectifiers Electric Power system research, Elseveir Publications (Science Direct) 2013
Dr Vijayalakshmi S LPV Modeling and Performance Analysis of Boiler Drum using IMC-PI Controller Applied mechanics and Materials Journal 2013
Dr. Mohamed Junaid K.A. FPGA Realization of Digital PWM Controller Using Q Format Based Signal Processing Journal of Vibration and Control 2013
Dr Uma Maheswari M G Analysis and design of reduced-order sliding-mode controller for three-phase power factor correction using Cuk rectifiers IET Power Electronics 2013
Dr Uma Maheswari M G Coexistence of fast-scale and slow - scale instability in CUK power factor correction AC- DC pre -regulators under non - linear current - mode control IET Power Electronics 2013
ChitraPasupathi Web Document Segmentation Using Frequent Term Sets for Summarization Journal of Computer Science 2013
Ms Kavitha P Matrix Converter fed switched Reluctance Motor-An Experimental Investigation International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering 2012
Dr. Mohamed Junaid K.A. Modified DWT based Medical Image Transmission using reduced storage space Asian Journal of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences 2012