Today 24-10-2014 (Friday) is declared as a Holiday due to rain. For 2nd, 3rd, 4th year B.E / B.Tech Students and MCA Students, Model Examinations originally Scheduled on 18-10-2014 (Saturday) will be held on 25-10-2014 Forenoon between 8.40 am to 11.40 am and Model Examination Scheduled on 20-10-2014 (Monday) will be held on 25-10-2014 Afternoon between 12.50 pm to 3.50 pm. All the students are informed to attend the model exam on 25.10.14 with out fail.Attendance is compulsory for Model Examinations. Todays' Fony Technologies interview will be conducted on tomorow 25.10.2014. Tomorrows' (25.10.2014) Exelacom interview is postponed, date will be intimated through Campus Interaction.